This Photo Makes Me Want to Go to Mars Right Now

NASA just has released this photo captured almost two weeks ago during spacesuit check tests at the Orion Crew Module mockup. I cannot stop staring at it in awe - it is almost the real thing, it gives you a heavy deja vu, because you saw such scenes billion times when you crawled through the NASA image archives of the… » 6/25/13 12:46pm 6/25/13 12:46pm

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 Doesn't Shoot HD Video

Ah, shucks—it looks like Panasonic's funky new non-DSLR DMC-G1 camera actually doesn't shoot HD video after all. Those photos are of a mock-up of a future version of the cam, possibly due next year sometime. We know this 'cause DPReview got their mitts on a pre-production G1—it only shoots video in non-HD formats as… » 9/18/08 4:22am 9/18/08 4:22am

MacBook Touch Concept Based on Apple's Latest Transparent Displays Patent

Gizmodo reader David Mcmillan has sent us a heads-up about his MacBook Touch concept, based on one of Apple's latest patents: using a transparent multitouch display that can work as a control surface on two sides, both while the device is open and closed. Could this really be the holy grail of tablet computing? Judge… » 3/21/08 9:10am 3/21/08 9:10am

Slim PS3 is Heading for Shelves this Autumn?

The guys at T3 are saying one of their inside men has heard word that Sony will be producing a slimmer, sexier PS3 heading for the shelves this autumn. While everyone knows that Sony will eventually shrink its very obese console, such news would come as a surprise given that Sony took many more years to shrink their… » 2/01/08 7:58am 2/01/08 7:58am

Is the Apple MacBook Touch a Realistic Possibility?

Click to viewSome Apple fan mixed the real iMac-like dock patent and the fabled MacBook touch, getting a very nice rendition of how both concepts may look together. There is minimalist dock station too, with an optical drive, extra hard-drive, charging and wireless connectivity but without the screen, which looks like… » 1/05/08 8:00am 1/05/08 8:00am

Mock-up Nokia E61i Spotted: Please Stop Teasing Us

For the low, low price of $22.99 you can get your hands on this non-working, store display version of the Nokia E61i, successor to the E61. We've learned not a damn thing about the smartphone in the process, but we're willing to bet that it still runs some sort of Symbian OS. Maybe you can be unscrupulous and sell it… » 1/16/07 1:29pm 1/16/07 1:29pm