I Want to Ride All These Insane Roller Coasters from the Centrifuge Brain Project

I don't like riding roller coasters because I'm a big weenie when it comes to mechanical excitement. But I have no problem believing that I would ride these ridiculously thrilling (and totally fake) roller coasters from the Centrifuge Brain Project. The first roller coasters in the video start off harmless enough… »2/05/13 1:00am2/05/13 1:00am

The Hilarious Truth Behind Apple Maps: It's a Dark Art Project

This mockumentary exposes the truth behind Apple Maps: it was a massive art project made to put disturbing semi-realistic imagery into every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the planet. Just check out this 'found footage' where Jean-Marc Rosseau, the man behind the artsy mess, talks about his work and inspiration. »10/05/12 7:40pm10/05/12 7:40pm