Russian Mod Makes iPhone's Rear-Side Apple Logo Glow

Saddened by the fact that the Apple logo on the rear-shell of the iPhone is just a dead, un-illuminated entity, a bunch of Russian modders have taken a dremel and soldering iron to one—or is it a replacement back shell? Either way, they brought the sexy (glow) back. Apparently "the battery doesn't suffer a lot, you… » 8/15/08 4:50am 8/15/08 4:50am

Trapped in the Body of a Microwave, a Tragically-Modded PC

Since I don't have either a microwave or a desktop computer, I don't know why this PC-microwave hybrid with an LCD bolted to the door speaks to me, but it just does. It could possibly be something to do with the fact that I still haven't had breakfast and it's way past breakfast time here in Yurp. [Hacked Gadgets via … » 6/04/08 6:20am 6/04/08 6:20am

NES Controller Mod, May Just be Most Fun Coffee Table Ever

Forget touchscreen, solar powered or even self-destructing coffee tables... Kyle Downes has modded the coffee table into its best version ever: a retro-tastic NES controller. Just look at the sleek lines, the high quality finish and classy glass top. And then giggle at the fact that it actually works. Don't believe… » 5/09/08 7:40am 5/09/08 7:40am

Arcade-Style Mod Gives Xbox 360 Controller Glowing Buttons

Modder ShaolinDrunkard has given an Xbox 360 controller an awesome partly-retro, partly-modern makeover. So its got a classic old-style arcade layout with proper game cabinet-style buttons, and is housed in a chunky oak box. But then each button has bright LED backlighting, and the joystick has a neat Xbox green glow.… » 3/21/08 8:57am 3/21/08 8:57am