NES Controller Socket Lets You Control Your Mods with Nostalgia

Parallax has just released their NES controller socket to the delights of modders everywhere. Instead of forcing them to chop up an old NES to get the 7-pin socket, Parallax has made it available for only $2 on their site »9/27/08 5:30pm9/27/08 5:30pm. The NES controller would be great for all kinds of little projects, from robots to old-school…

DIY NES USB Controller Plays Games, Contains Emulator For Playing More Games

This DIY hack does what modders have been doing with NES controllers for years, and then adds an awesome twist. First of all, it's a USB controller that lets you play classic Nintendo games on your laptop. The cool part is there's an emulator crammed inside the controller and it contains all the software and ROMs… »7/20/08 5:00pm7/20/08 5:00pm

NVIDIA Motorcycle Casemod is the Fastest Computer On Two Wheels, Kinda

There are roadwarriors with their ultraportables and then there's master modder Dennis Ilyin, who took computing on the go literally with this ambitious motorcycle casemod. While the two-wheeled computing wonder lacks an engine, it more than makes up for it with massive LED-lit water tanks and what's sure to be ample… »4/06/08 7:59pm4/06/08 7:59pm

The Conclusion: Creative Backs Down Against Driver Modder, Reinstates Posts

The story of Daniel_K vs. Creative reaches a temporary conclusion as Creative reinstates the deleted forum posts by Daniel that helped other users get their sound cards working under Vista. The company did this as a result of angry forum and blog posts (some here as well), mostly all siding with Daniel. »4/04/08 4:30pm4/04/08 4:30pm