Assemble Your Very Own Human with This Life-Sized Model Kit

Artist Wayne Chisnall created a pre-assembly model kit of himself. The 12 body parts, er, pieces are all attached to a plastic frame and when put together, is just as big as his real-life self. Like having a life-sized action figure! » 1/11/11 9:20am 1/11/11 9:20am

1:1 Scale 1940 Ford Model Kit

This was just too awesome to go without posting. All kids remember popping open one of those boxes, taking out all of those blister kits and begin piecing together a car. This 1:1 model scale 1940 Ford was the work of the St. Joe Valley Street Rod Club in South Bend, Indiana. The setup is complete with a giant X-acto… » 4/12/07 8:00pm 4/12/07 8:00pm

Kabuto: Metal Insect Toys

Fans of meccano might enjoy this — a series of aluminium insect model kits to create your very own army of terror with which to send out and conquer the planet whilst you sit back stroking a luxurious cigar and smoking a fine white cat. Alas, these model kits don t feature motorised parts, but they do look rather… » 11/07/05 1:35pm 11/07/05 1:35pm