New Phone Concepts Juice Themselves Up

French designers ModeLabs have come up with three new cell phone concepts that use the inherent motion of their use to charge them up. The first (and most practical/interesting, in my opinion) is the U-Turn, a phone that gets juiced up by flipping the keyboard out. Less practical are the YoYo, getting charged by… » 12/26/06 10:27am 12/26/06 10:27am

The Levi's Cell Phone: Coming to a Pair of Jeans Near You

It wouldn't be the first time they jump into the gadget world, but the same company that bought you your 501s is hoping to ring in your phone calls as well. Levi's and ModeLabs (the latter who's rolled out Virgin Mobile's line of cell phones) are making sweet love in an effort to bring to the world (or at least to… » 10/20/06 11:48am 10/20/06 11:48am