Exploring the Prehistoric World, By Way of Virtual Reality

For most history students, "exploring the past" means sifting through mountains of data. But digital archaeologist Marcus Abbott wants to make early human civilization—or its digital simulacra—freely accessible to anyone who wants to explore it. His first prehistoric VR environment? A 3,000-year-old spiritual site in… »9/26/13 10:26am9/26/13 10:26am

Recording Compressed to 1,000 Times MP3 Rate Could Be the Future of Music Playback

The University of Rochester has just devised a way of reproducing music in a file that's compressed 1,000 times smaller than an MP3 file. The way they do it—physically modeling an instrument in a computer and then feeding it input variables (breath, tongue, fingers) in order to generate the output tone—seems super… »4/03/08 3:20pm4/03/08 3:20pm