iPhone Apps We Love: NetShare - Share Your 3G/EDGE Connection With Your…

NetShare is one app we never thought would make it onto the official iPhone App Store. All it does is set up a SOCKS5 proxy for you to get your laptop/computer online through use of the 3G/EDGE connection. Does it work? Yes. Yes it does, much to our surprise. EDGE works just fine, although Mahoney says it's slow as… » 7/31/08 8:53pm 7/31/08 8:53pm

Sony Ericsson MD300 USB 3G Modem Supports Windows, Mac

The MD300 USB 3G modem doesn't just look slick with its silver or black finish, it supports HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE or GPRS connectivity to keep you connected while you're getting skin cancer outdoors. The device supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X, something most people don't usually do right out of the gate.… » 11/06/07 3:03pm 11/06/07 3:03pm

Teltonika HDSPA USB Modem for Super-Fast Connectivity

If, like Shakira, you need to be connected Whenever, Wherever, then Teltonika's little HDSPA USB modem has your name written all over it (rather like my brother thinks Shakira should have his name written all over her). Plug the little thingo into your laptop and you should have high-speed Internet access, as long as… » 5/09/07 10:40am 5/09/07 10:40am