How to Beat TWC and Comcast's Bullshit Modem Rental Fees 

The only thing worse than paying out the tuchus for unreliable internet from Time Warner Cable and Comcast is being forced pay a monthly rental fee for a modem you need to access that crappy internet. Happy New Year! The fees on both TWC and Comcast are going up yet again. Here's how to buy your own modem so you can… »1/02/15 12:45pm1/02/15 12:45pm

This Keyboard Turns a Dial Up Modem's Screeches Into "Beautiful" Music

Not so long ago, hopping onto the internet required more than just opening a browser. In the dial up days you'd have to wait for your modem to screech and squawk as it connected. Looking back through years of nostalgia, those sounds were strangely satisfying and often times melodic, which explains why someone has… »12/17/13 4:20pm12/17/13 4:20pm

Watch the visualization of a tech sound your kids will never know

You know what's missing from technology these days? Sound. We have noises but no sound. We open our laptops and we're automatically connected to Wi-Fi. Our phones only squeak for alerts, they don't provide a soundtrack for the future. The old dial up modem handshake though? Now that was real sound. That was like… »11/07/13 7:13pm11/07/13 7:13pm

Have Cable Modem Rental Fees Actually Gotten You To Do Anything?

Time Warner Cable just added a snazzy little rental fee to all its customers' bills, which hasn't made anyone (outside of maybe the Time Warner offices) very happy. A lot of other cable companies do this too. You can get around it by buying your own modem or maybe get a better plan with more bandwidth a free modem so… »10/07/12 5:02pm10/07/12 5:02pm

Motorola CPEi300 and CPEi800 WiMax Modems Surprisingly Slick

WiMax modems. The phrase doesn't generally conjure gadget lust, which is why I'm so confused looking at these better than well designed WiMax modems from Moto. The silver and droid-like CPEi300 is a desktop modem based on Intel's 2250 Rosedale 2 chipset, compatible with 802.16e-2005, which TG Daily spells out as the… »9/26/07 10:27pm9/26/07 10:27pm