RIP Donald Wexler: The Midcentury Architect Who Made Palm Springs Cool

The city of Palm Springs, California, wasn’t always known for its sleek, spare residential design. During the 1950s and 60s, architect Donald Wexler designed a particular style of building for the growing town that became known as Palm Springs Modernism—a look that’s become synonymous with the desert region and that’s… »7/02/15 6:00pm7/02/15 6:00pm


Raymond Loewy, the Man Who Made the 20th Century Beautiful

You may have noticed the sepia-toned Google doodle today and clicked through to find out it’s a train designed by midcentury industrial designer Raymond Loewy, whose 120th birthday would've been today. Even if you don’t know Loewy, I can almost guarantee you’ve come in contact with his work—which decorates everything… »11/05/13 9:57am11/05/13 9:57am

These Six Adorable Animations Are Like Cheat Sheets For Design History

Ever wish you had a set of CliffsNotes for design? Now, thanks to online education company Open University, you do. This series of short videos covers the basics of six different major schools of design. They're a fun, animated way to learn a little bit about the movements that took us from late 19th century's Gothic… »6/12/13 10:28am6/12/13 10:28am

A Modern Architectural Marvel Is Restored, Flaws Intact

Would you believe this house—so stark, industrial, even futuristic in appearance—is over 80 years old? And would you believe that the owner went through great lengths to preserve—not cover up—the wear and tear dealt to the Maison de Verre since 1928? Because the flaws are what Robert Rubin celebrates most about his… »3/02/11 1:00am3/02/11 1:00am