How a Pressure Cooker Can Turn Up the Heat on Your Valentine’s Dinner

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to make a restaurant-caliber meal at home—especially if you just realized it's on Friday and there are no good dinner reservations left. Modernist cooking enlists techniques that require less active time cooking, while still producing rich flavors—just the sort of thing needed to… » 2/12/14 6:00pm 2/12/14 6:00pm

How To Deep Fry Without A Deep Fryer (And Make 5 Super Bowl Treats)

For a lot of us, just thinking about the Super Bowl elicits a craving for deep-fried goodness. If you're without a dedicated fryer, don't fear. Modernist Cuisine at Home will show you how to achieve the same effect with a handful of conventional kitchen tools you just might have lying around. » 2/01/14 1:00pm 2/01/14 1:00pm

Pouring creamer into coffee in slow motion looks intergalactic

The beautiful Milky Way is above us and around us but is also actually in our coffee cups too. What? Just watch Modernist Cuisine pour creamer into coffee in super slow motion, it's like watching another galaxy form or something. Life should have a slow motion mode so we can appreciate the little things. » 12/04/13 8:25pm 12/04/13 8:25pm

The World's Most Beautiful Cookbook Is Now a Beautiful App

Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine keeps getting more accessible to home chefs. First it was a six-volume, 50-pound, $500 culinary encyclopedia. Then came the two-volume, $115 Modernist Cuisine at Home. Now it's an app—a gorgeously designed and far more practical way to learn molecular gastronomy techniques. » 11/13/13 12:20pm 11/13/13 12:20pm

Sous Vide Machines: Amazing or Overrated?

With the advent of molecular gastronomy and modernist cooking, sous vide machines have come into vogue. In short, they cook your vacuum-sealed bags of food (meats, vegetables, whatever), in a bath of warm water kept at a constant temperature. The benefit is supposed to be that your food is never overcooked, and always… » 6/28/12 4:20pm 6/28/12 4:20pm

Modernist Cuisine at Home Will Come Full of Recipes You Can Actually Use

When the six volume, 50-pound Modernist Cuisine collection came out last year, it was a beautiful and, in the eyes of some, seminal volume dedicated to the future of cooking. But it wasn't really functional for the home chef. In October, Nathan Myhrvold and his merry band of foodies will release Modernist Cuisine at… » 5/29/12 5:20pm 5/29/12 5:20pm

The Most Perfectest Hamburger in the World Makes My Mouth Orgasm

Seeing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about how the Modernist Cuisine created the most ultimate hamburger in this entire world makes me cry happy meat tears. Everything was scientifically considered, from the fluffy bun and lab made cheese to the sous-viding and cryofrying process. I'll go vegetarian for you, baby. » 12/05/11 8:00pm 12/05/11 8:00pm

Crazy Coffee Science: Why You Should Salt Your Coffee and Expensive Espresso Machines Are Worth It

In a two-part interview about the massive coffee section in the even massiver 2400-page tome Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold, one of the co-authors, Chris Young, reveals why salt takes the bitterness out of coffee better than sugar and insane, high-end espresso machines are worth it. [Eater, Eater] » 12/10/10 5:19pm 12/10/10 5:19pm