Last Chance To Enter Our Pet/Gadget Photo Competition

It's your last chance to enter our Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Pet & Gadget photo contest: any entries received after 12 midnight PST on the 2nd of January will be used to line the litter trays of orphan kittens. So send us your photos of pets and gadgets right now, or they'll end up covered in cat poo. Ellie sent us this… » 1/02/07 3:28pm 1/02/07 3:28pm

Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Contest: We Want Your Pets and Gadgets

Did you get a cool new gadget for Christmas? Has your dog eaten it yet? If so, did you take a photo? Teresa S did, with her dog demonstrating exactly how much he likes her new talking Barney. All together now: "I love you, you love me, there's a dog chewing on me..."
» 12/27/06 7:41pm 12/27/06 7:41pm

And while you're taking photos of your pets and…

Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Photo Contest: How Cute Are Your Pets?

You may be taking time off for the holidays, but the judges of our Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo contest aren't. Imbetween rescuing helpless kittens from the path of Santa's sleigh, the pet volunteers of Solano County Friends of Animals are digging through the competition entries, looking for the cutest pictures of Iguana with… » 12/26/06 2:49pm 12/26/06 2:49pm