Modu Transforming Cellphone System First Video Hands-On

After playing with the new Modu cellphone system, I'm impressed about how well their idea works. The core module integrates very well with the jackets, even if some were not operative. It feels very much like Apple's philosophy—allegedly one of Modu's role models. Could this idea work in the consumer electronics… » 2/12/08 6:30am 2/12/08 6:30am

Modu Cellphone Changes Function with Jackets

Modu's tiny cellphone could be inserted into multiple "jackets" to change its function. Or better said, the Modu phone carries your data, giving your personality to whatever gadget you insert it into, GameBoy cartridge style. After seeing all the pictures of the different jackets and the announced prices, the video… » 2/07/08 4:38am 2/07/08 4:38am