Spotify, Rdio or MOG: What Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

News spread this morning that MOG has been purchased by HTC/Beats Audio for $10 million, which probably was not the payout the Berkeley-based company was hoping for (disclosure: I used to work there once upon a time). And while Spotify appears destined to win the streaming music wars (as far as subscription services… »7/02/12 11:20am7/02/12 11:20am

MOG Mobile For iPhone and Android Streams 8 Million Songs and Lets You Download 'Em All

MOG, the latest entrant into the increasingly competitive world of cloud-based mobile music services, has a combination of features, including unlimited, high-quality downloads from its impressively stocked 8 million song library, that make its $10/mo. subscription a compelling option. »7/20/10 8:00am7/20/10 8:00am

Mog Gets Rhapsody, Gives You Instant Song Search-and-Play

Until now, Mog, the music blog network, has been missing one key ingredient: mainstream music. Music lovers could talk about music, share files of more obscure acts, and even share YouTube videos of popular songs. But today, Mog teamed with Rhapsody to deliver all those millions of tracks inside the web browser… »12/12/07 8:30am12/12/07 8:30am