The Best Streaming Radio

Turning an online music service into a powerful automated DJ isn't easy. You can give an algorithm millions of songs and millions of data points, but it's still not going to have any style. So of all your options—including Google's new All Access—what's the streaming radio most worth your time? We found out. » 5/16/13 12:00pm 5/16/13 12:00pm

Spotify, Rdio or MOG: What Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

News spread this morning that MOG has been purchased by HTC/Beats Audio for $10 million, which probably was not the payout the Berkeley-based company was hoping for (disclosure: I used to work there once upon a time). And while Spotify appears destined to win the streaming music wars (as far as subscription services… » 7/02/12 11:20am 7/02/12 11:20am

New Facebook "Listen” Button Instantly Plays Musicians' Songs in…

Facebook has taken a leaf out of MySpace's book. Now, on every musician's Facebook page there's a "Listen" button, that immediately takes you to their music in your streaming app of choice—Spotify, Mog, Rdio, or one of a few others. Neat. [TechCrunch] » 4/18/12 4:44am 4/18/12 4:44am

Rumor: MOG Has Been Acquired By HTC/Beats

We've heard from a single source that subscription music service MOG has been acquired by audio technology company Beats Audio, which is part owned by phone maker HTC » 3/20/12 10:53am 3/20/12 10:53am

Is MOG Trying to Sell Itself?

CNET says the streaming music service MOG has quietly approached entities in the digital music space about buying the company. MOG says they're doing just fine, but of course, have offered little in the way of numbers to back that up. Are the streaming music services starting to find the floor in the freemium race to… » 2/28/12 7:40pm 2/28/12 7:40pm

Rhapsody and Napster's Last Ditch Death Embrace

Rdio, Spotify, and Mog may be the hot new subscription based services, but old timer Rhapsody just purchased all of Napster's subscribers. » 10/03/11 1:49pm 10/03/11 1:49pm

Surprise! Music Execs Love Freemium Streaming Services?

It's a bit odd to see a major label executive saying he likes the freemium services Spotify, MOG and Rdio have established and that the industry has finally figured it out. Or is it not so odd? » 9/28/11 6:20pm 9/28/11 6:20pm

Can Streaming Music Services Survive Freemium?

As a response to Spotify's successful US launch, MOG and Rdio have both offered freemium versions of their respective streaming music services. They're scared of losing the war to the Scandinavian invaders. But is it a race to the bottom? » 9/15/11 5:00pm 9/15/11 5:00pm

MOG's FreePlay Lets You Listen to Music Without Paying For It

Starting tomorrow, MOG users will have access its 11 million song library for free with no monthly usage cap—as long as they're willing to put up with ads and actively interact with other users. » 9/14/11 5:38pm 9/14/11 5:38pm

TechCrunch on Facebook Music: The Great Music Unifier

A source for TechCrunch has handed them a little more info about Facebook's planned new role as music's connective tissue. In a nutshell, you'll be able to share what you're streaming across whatever service, be it MOG or Spotify, you use. That's huge. » 9/10/11 6:00pm 9/10/11 6:00pm

MOG's New Desktop App Has Native AirPlay Support

MOG finally released a desktop app for OS X to accompany their web and smartphone-based players, which is great. But what makes it really interesting is that it's one of the first non-Apple desktop apps to offer native AirPlay support. » 9/09/11 9:17am 9/09/11 9:17am

MOG Now Available on Boxee

In addition to iOS, Android, Roku, and a variety of TVs, MOG's unlimited music streaming service is now available on Boxee. The app itself is free, but the same $10/month subscription fee applies. [MOG] » 8/30/11 12:58pm 8/30/11 12:58pm

Your Complete Subscription Music Service Cheat Sheet

Maybe all the Spotify talk made you consider subscribing to a streaming music service. Or you're just ready to switch from one service to another. Either way, let this infographic from Mashable help you decide. » 7/21/11 3:20pm 7/21/11 3:20pm

You Can Now Stream Music From Mog on Your Sonos at 320kbps

Spotify may've launched on Sonos a while back, but considering the US is still awaiting the streaming service, it might be worth giving Mog a shot—you can listen to 11 million songs on-demand and ad-free, around your house. » 5/24/11 9:00am 5/24/11 9:00am

MOG's Coming to Your TV, Maybe Even Your Car

While Rdio wants to stake its claim to your desktop, MOG is directly integrating itself in TVs (Samsung, Vizio, LG) and cars now (BMW Mini). Oh, and Sonos too. [NYTimes] » 3/07/11 11:15pm 3/07/11 11:15pm

The Best Streaming Music Service

The era of listening to any song, at any moment, in any location is fast approaching. While we're not quite there yet, a handful of on-demand music services have come close. So we put them head-to-head to see who's best. » 2/04/11 11:20am 2/04/11 11:20am

MOG Mobile For iPhone and Android Streams 8 Million Songs and Lets You…

MOG, the latest entrant into the increasingly competitive world of cloud-based mobile music services, has a combination of features, including unlimited, high-quality downloads from its impressively stocked 8 million song library, that make its $10/mo. subscription a compelling option. » 7/20/10 8:00am 7/20/10 8:00am

Mog Gets Rhapsody, Gives You Instant Song Search-and-Play

Until now, Mog, the music blog network, has been missing one key ingredient: mainstream music. Music lovers could talk about music, share files of more obscure acts, and even share YouTube videos of popular songs. But today, Mog teamed with Rhapsody to deliver all those millions of tracks inside the web browser… » 12/12/07 8:30am 12/12/07 8:30am