MOGA's Pro Controller Gets a Serious Grip on Android Gaming

Android is turning into more and more of a platform for serious gamers, what with NVIDIA's upcoming Android console, the Ouya, and all that jazz. But for real games, you need a real controller, and while MOGA's first gaming system and controller was a winner, its new Pro controller looks like it can hang with its… »1/07/13 12:07pm1/07/13 12:07pm

MOGA Controller Review: Android Gaming Just Got Way Better

Games on Android have gotten really, really good. With phones regularly packing in 1.5GHz quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM, the games are fast approaching console-quality. The one thing holding them back? Touchscreen controls aren't nearly as good as a handheld controller. The MOGA Mobile Gaming System aims to kill… »12/11/12 2:20pm12/11/12 2:20pm