What Our Gadgets Will Look Like a 100 Years From Now

Some objects age gracefully. Think the design of products from 1960's era Braun. Or some of Apple's stuff. But that's just the design that stays timeless, the actual object gets beat up by both Father Time, Mother Nature and Careless Human. It's going to be rare to see a mint condition iPod a hundred years from now,… » 4/20/13 1:00am 4/20/13 1:00am

BLUE Bowl Shines Light on Your Fruit to Stop the Rot

This design concept from Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez & Eda Kose uses "Action Fresh Blue" technology—apparently used in "many new refrigerators"— to keep your fruit fresh. It seems that this tech is essentially a blue light, which shines down from the bowl's handle, killing bacteria. Hmmm: I'm skeptical. But at least… » 5/15/08 9:36am 5/15/08 9:36am

The Most Disgusting and Gross Tech Gear Gallery Ever

Without a doubt, this has to be the most disgusting and gross tech gear photo gallery in the history of The Most Disgusting and Gross Tech Gear Photo Galleries. Ever. The vomit-inducing shot above, a pancake of beige, white and green mold with the Dell logo impressed on it, is just the aperitif. Honestly, I thought my » 3/06/08 9:10am 3/06/08 9:10am