Clever Ebola Chip Will Help Doctors Detect Infected People Without Absurd Lab Equipment

In the highly unfortunate case you’re infected with Ebola, you really need to catch it ASAP so that you can quarantine yourself and get treated. That’s why scientists are now developing a portable ‘Ebola chip’ that optically analyzes fluid samples and sniffs out nasty virus particles within minutes. »9/25/15 3:20pm9/25/15 3:20pm


This iPad App Lets You Manipulate Real Microscopic Particles—With Lasers

The iPad has been steadily becoming more entrenched in the medical community, but maybe in no more fun way than this new app from researchers at the Universities of Glasgow and Bristol. The app links your iPad to "optical tweezers" that use lasers to manipulate microscopic particles. The interface is familiar—pinch… »3/04/11 1:40pm3/04/11 1:40pm