This guy recreated one of the craziest restaurants in the world at home

If you don't know the restaurant Alinea, know this: it's one of the best restaurants in the world and it's as much a mad science lab and art museum as it is a place to eat dinner. It's crazy, I mean they serve things like edible helium balloons. Somehow, this normal guy recreated all of that magic at home. »11/11/14 8:24pm

Are These Avant-Garde Popsicles the Frozen Treats of the Future?

Whether they're ice pops or flat Paletas, most icy treats aren't much of an adventure. But these faceted vegan delicacies up the ante: They're designed to have a smoother melt and better mouth feel and than anything you've tried before. That's right—highly engineered popsicle mouth feel. Welcome to the future. It's… »10/14/13 11:00pm

Modernist Cuisine at Home Will Come Full of Recipes You Can Actually Use

When the six volume, 50-pound Modernist Cuisine collection came out last year, it was a beautiful and, in the eyes of some, seminal volume dedicated to the future of cooking. But it wasn't really functional for the home chef. In October, Nathan Myhrvold and his merry band of foodies will release Modernist Cuisine at… »5/29/12 5:20pm