Three Clever Flower Vases To Hold You Out Until the Thaw

Look, it's been a brutal couple of weeks for most of the country. It feels like winter's never going to end. And while a single black rose might be what you feel like on the inside, that doesn't mean you can't put on a happier face on the outside. » 2/10/14 6:09pm 2/10/14 6:09pm

These Tiny Electronic Blocks Can Make Huge, Moving Works of Art

The smallest of chunks can become something much bigger with careful construction and a bit of planning. LittleBits—an awesome little building tool that sits somewhere on the spectrum between Lego and arduino, incorporating the best parts of both—is showing off that potential big time in the windows of NYC's MoMa… » 4/11/13 12:20pm 4/11/13 12:20pm