Latest Sprint Update Finally Fixes Bug Preventing Samsung Moment Users From Calling 911

Happy news for Samsung Moment users: Sprint is pushing through an update which will fix the "911 call restrictions after modem crash related to airplane mode and data lockup." Basically this means that now your phone shouldn't prevent you from making calls after you toggle its Wi-Fi off. [MobileCrunch] » 10/22/10 6:36pm 10/22/10 6:36pm

Samsung Moment Review: The ED-209 of Android Phones

The Samsung Moment is the first Android phone trying to be special purely through hardware: It's got a really rich AMOLED display, a gigantic keyboard, an 800MHz processor (the fastest yet for Android) and it's on Sprint's sturdy 3G network. » 10/27/09 11:00am 10/27/09 11:00am

AMOLED screen is pretty Big ol' keyboard Big ol' phone Faster…