Every Mom's Computer Keyboard Looks Like This

Moms are at the absolute best. They brought you into the world, they raised you, they loved you, they took care of you, they Mom'd you. In fact, what they're not the best at is a very short list. Actually, it's just one thing: Computers. No matter how easy it is to use a computer, Moms will always find a way to… » 6/12/13 11:00pm 6/12/13 11:00pm

Mom Embarrasses Daughter So Hard on Facebook She Begs for a Spanking Instead

You know when you were a kid and you did some dumb kid thing, and as punishment your mom dragged you in front of your friends to embarrass you? Just be glad the internet wasn't around back then, or you'd be begging for a butt-whoopin' instead of digital ignominy, like this 12-year-old troublemaker. » 5/21/12 2:40pm 5/21/12 2:40pm

Moms Spray Dirty-Dancing Teens with Lysol in Real-Life Footloose Fiasco

On April 22nd, the hormonal teenagers of Manitou Springs High School gathered at City Hall to engage in the rites of prom. There was music, there punch, there was (probably) crying in bathroom stalls. And there was dancing so dirty that two chaperones decided to break out the Lysol. Literally. » 5/11/12 1:49pm 5/11/12 1:49pm