Lightning Review: Mint 220 Wireless Speakers With iPod Dock

The Gadget: The Mint 220 Digital Music Station, which acts both as an iPod dock, but also as a wireless speaker system that syncs via USB dongle to your Mac or PC. Comes with wireless remote and uses the 2.4GHz spectrum to beam music up to 45 feet/15 meters. » 8/08/08 6:50pm 8/08/08 6:50pm

Hands-On With Mondo Mint: The Wireless Streaming iPod Dock

It's not an entry proper in our Battlemodo iPod Dock Bracket, but it's a worthy contender nonetheless. It's an iPod Dock with two bookshelf-quality speakers, which can take in audio input from the iPod, a USB connection or line in (a Zune). It even has a separate wireless iPod dock that can stream music from up to 100… » 6/26/07 3:30pm 6/26/07 3:30pm