Help This Girl Race Horses In Mongolia

“Split fingernails, bleeding ass-crack, falling off, getting kicked, getting dragged, breaking fingers, breaking my neck, losing horse, trying not to crap myself at speed because my Cipro isn’t working, death.” Kat Whitney’s got a long list of things she’d like to avoid at the Mongol Derby. The odds aren’t in her… »5/25/15 11:31am5/25/15 11:31am


Why This Luxury Resort Appeared in the Middle of the Mongolian Desert

The Desert Lotus Hotel doesn't seem like a particularly convenient place to vacation. Embedded in the rolling dunes of Inner Mongolia, the hotel is more than 500 miles west of Beijing, far from the coast or any major metropolitan centers. But it is close to one thing: Baotou, the Chinese city that mines more than… »8/21/13 12:00pm8/21/13 12:00pm