Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review: A Circle Behind the Curve

Everybody and their mother has brought an activity tracker to market in the last year, but it actually makes sense that Polar—a company with a long history making heart rate monitors—would get into the game. Unfortunately, their first stab at a fitness monitor feels more like a first-draft. » 12/04/13 4:00pm 12/04/13 4:00pm

The Weirdest Tweets and Facebook Posts That Could Get You in Trouble…

Animal has discovered the list of words that the Department of Homeland Security specifically target when they monitor Tweets and Facebook posts and it's, um, comprehensive. Ever tweet about the weather? Or used 'closure', 'cloud', 'home grown', 'bart', 'subway' or hell even 'social media' in your posts? YOU'RE… » 2/27/12 7:20pm 2/27/12 7:20pm

Apple Product Codename K59: The 27-Inch LED Cinema Display, At Last

The inevitable destination of the eye-searing display in the 27-inch iMac has always been a standalone monitor, a bigger brother to the quite lonely 24-inch LED Cinema Display. It's codenamed K59, and supposedly coming in June. [AppleInsider] » 3/18/10 5:13pm 3/18/10 5:13pm