You Can Pre-Order Samsung's New $700 4K Monitor Right Now [Update]

Priced at an extremely competitive $699, Samsung's new 28" 4K monitor packs in two HDMI 1.4 ports, a Displayport, and audio out, all while leaving a very small footprint on your desk. It also has a "picture-in-picture" mode which allows you to plug in two computers and see both video feeds by dividing the screen in half.… » 3/31/14 11:45am 3/31/14 11:45am

Moov Might Be the Most Advanced Fitness Wearable Yet

As you may have noticed, there are a million activity trackers out there right now. Most of them are glorified pedometers. The upper tier add altimeters, heart rate monitors, and sleep-tracking to the equation. But what if you don't just want to be reminded to work out—you want to work out better, safer, and more… » 2/27/14 12:00pm 2/27/14 12:00pm

You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a 4K Monitor Soon

These days, any mention of 4K immediately conjures up images of crystal-clear definition—-and absurdly exorbitant price tags. Well, that's quickly changing. Dell's new UltraSharp 28-inch 4K screen can be yours for less than $700 when it ships later this month, and it's not alone. » 1/09/14 11:00am 1/09/14 11:00am

How to Build an Amazing Secret Monitor Only You Can See

Dealing with sensitive numbers in a top secret Excel spreadsheet? Reading classified documents that you don't want people to see? Or most likely, exploring the more salacious parts of the Internet and don't want to be thought of as a creep? Follow these instructions that show you how to create an awesome secret monitor … » 10/29/13 11:30pm 10/29/13 11:30pm

This Is a Work Station Fit For an Emperor

This, as you might be able to tell, is no normal desk set-up. Designed to provide the ultimate in both comfort and productivity, we introduce to you the MWE Lab Emperor 1510 LX work station—and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. » 6/05/13 6:38am 6/05/13 6:38am

Multiple-Display Software Follows Your Gaze to Keep You Focused

These days, multiple monitors are becoming the norm instead of the exception. And with most interfaces designed to capture your attention—everywhere and at all costs—the constant barrage of blinking windows, beeping notifications, and bouncing icons can be distracting if not entirely overwhelming. New Windows… » 4/02/13 2:40pm 4/02/13 2:40pm

HP Crams a Set of Beats Audio Speakers Into Its 27-Inch Envy Monitor

If you don't like the aesthetics of a set of speakers sitting on either side of your monitor, and can't stand wearing headphones, maybe HP's new 27-inch Envy monitor will appeal to your finicky demands. Like with its laptops, the company has integrated a set of Dr. Dre-approved Beats Audio speakers into the monitor,… » 1/17/13 12:10pm 1/17/13 12:10pm

Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Trick Elevator Passengers Into Thinking…

There's nothing quite like a good prank, and what prank is better than convincing innocent people that they are about to meet their bitter, messy end? That's the path LG went down for this ad, where they use IPS displays to fool people—however briefly—that an elevator's floor is falling out from beneath them. » 10/21/12 4:00pm 10/21/12 4:00pm

You Can Actually Afford Dell's Probably Awesome 27-Inch UltraSharp…

Dell is dropping a nice new 27-inch monitor that isn't too spendy—the UltraSharp U2713HM. It's Dell's first to use AH-IPS, or advanced high-performance IPS, a technology that's supposed to improve on both color and clarity. Though it was only announced on the company's Japanese site, the screen looks like it will only… » 8/08/12 10:00am 8/08/12 10:00am