Slow-Mo Monk Throws Needle Through Sheet of Glass

A swift lob of a Shaolin monk's sewing needle through a sheet of glass has been slooooowed down for your viewing pleasure, and you know what? After the build-up, I still couldn't help jumping slightly. [Reddit via GawkerTV] » 1/28/11 7:20am 1/28/11 7:20am

Wii Still Proves Big Draw For 'Molester Monks'

Despite the Wii being available for almost four years now, it's still proving a tool worth buying to lure in unsuspecting kiddies. Not that we're recommending you do that, obviously. » 5/31/10 3:00pm 5/31/10 3:00pm

Monks Sign Universal Record Deal Thanks to YouTube, Probably God Too

Holy Easter YouTubes! In what many would see as an Unholy Alliance between God and Satan, a group of monks from the Heiligenkreuz Abbey, in the Wienerwald region of Austria, have signed a worldwide music album contract with Universal Music. The label executives found out about the Cistercian monks' talent—who are the… » 3/23/08 8:15am 3/23/08 8:15am