15 Objects More Monocoque Than a MacBook

The latest list from OObject plays well with my brief history of unibody construction » 10/16/08 7:10pm 10/16/08 7:10pm as it relates to . Keep in mind that the new MacBooks are not technically monocoque. To put things into perspective, OObject's list illustrates 15 different structures described as monocoque—from aircraft to soda cans. []

A Brief History of Unibody Construction

In light of the news about the updated construction process for the new MacBooks, it is high time you got a brief edumication on the history of unibody construction. It may seem revolutionary, but the method Apple is using derives from the early 20th century monocoque ("single shell") technique of using an object's… » 10/14/08 3:30pm 10/14/08 3:30pm