Ben Wilson's Monocycle Calls for Pert Buttocks

Designed for the XXIst Century Man exhibition in Tokyo, this monocycle by Ben Wilson is pretty damn cool. While not as ornate as last year's steampunk monocycle, Wilson's one-wheel wonder is stunning in its simplicity, like many of the other product designs on his website. The Brit, who has several other bike designs… » 4/22/08 5:40am 4/22/08 5:40am

Motorized Monocycle Eliminates Need for Pedals, Humility

This monocycle from rich man's playground catalogue Hammacher Schlemmer is a few phalluses short of a South Park episode, but I think even Mrs. Garrison would appreciate the fact that this 1869 throwback is now available at retail for a modest $12,999.95. And the best part? The wealthy sops whipping around the… » 3/29/08 12:40pm 3/29/08 12:40pm