Attention Monster Haters: The Giz HDMI Cable Battlemodo Has Begun

Some of you might recall my recent article about Monster Cable. If you read it through, you'd remember it as the piece that outlined Monster's more credible scientific claims, culminating in my sober recommendation to buy a cheap HDMI cable first, then work your way up. (I got the impression that not all commenters… » 6/07/07 5:19pm 6/07/07 5:19pm

HDMI Ripoffs Continue: $89 HDMI Switcher Selling for $350

The HDMI rip-off outrage continues, where the next chapter in our sordid saga shows selling a 5x1 HDMI switcher for $349.95, calling its "regular" price $449.95. The company generously tosses in two free 1-meter HDMI cables, which it says have a value of $139.90. So let's do the math: you're getting a » 2/26/07 8:09am 2/26/07 8:09am