A Pedal-Powered Monowheel For When a Unicycle Is Somehow Too Cool

Apparently during the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics a bunch of performers were riding glowing monowheels around the stadium. If you missed it, that's ok, because no one cares about the closing ceremonies—and anyways, now you can now own what sounded like the most interesting part of the event. » 4/18/14 7:20pm 4/18/14 7:20pm

According to Popular Science Magazine, We Should All Drive Humongous…

Scouring the recently-posted PopSci archives on Google Books, reader Wesley Treat has put together a collection documenting the magazine's odd, decades-long obsession with the idea of a personal monowheel. » 12/19/08 6:07am 12/19/08 6:07am