Monsoon Hava Titanium HD (Verdict: Some Nice Features, But Not a Sling…

The Good: The Hava Titanum HD has component HD support and Wi-Fi via USB dongle out of the box (a must for my Home Theater Setup, where the router is in another room). As a point of comparison, the Sling Pro requires a $50 attachment for HD support and can only communicate wirelessly via power lines. The Hava also… » 11/09/07 9:22pm 11/09/07 9:22pm

Monsoon's HD Hava Gold Turns LAN'd PCs into DVRs

Slingmedia's closest competitor upped the stakes this morning with a new budget player that, while not wireless, beats the cheapest Slingbox by $50. The Hava Gold HD ($129) turns any PC on your network into a PVR with the ability to stream and record video regardless of whether your PC is wired or wireless. The catch… » 1/23/07 11:46am 1/23/07 11:46am