Monster Knows You Need Five Different Sprays to Clean Your iPhone, Camera, Phone, GPS and Laptop

The professional bullshit artists and dumbass fleecers over at Monster have devised another way to remove money from the wallets of the ignorant: cleaning sprays. They've released five different sprays for five different types of devices: a camera spray, a cell phone spray, an iPhone spray (Buchanan posits that this… »9/05/08 1:45pm9/05/08 1:45pm

Monster Cable Sues Monster Mini Golf For, You Guessed It, Name Confusion

If people ever decide to wake up and stop paying the huge markups for Monster Cable for technology that's not even here yet, Monster can go into another business: selling balls. They've sure got an excess, seeing as they're following up a suit against another cable company because the connectors are too similar with a… »5/27/08 12:59pm5/27/08 12:59pm

Blue Jeans Cable Calls BS on Monster Cable Patent Suit, Vows to Fight to Bloody Death

Bullshit patent suits are annoying when it's a do-nothing patent holder trying to extract cash from fat corporate wallets, but even more so when it's a bigger company trying to muscle over little ones. Like Monster Cable suing Blue Jeans Cable for having connectors that looked like theirs. Blue Jeans' CEO, a former… »4/15/08 3:30pm4/15/08 3:30pm

Monster Cable Has Cojones of Steel, C&Ds Blue Jeans Cable Because Their Connectors Are Too Similar

It's really, really tough to like Monster Cable as a company. Everyone knows how they mark up their prices and how a coat hanger may even be as good as their cables under short distances, but their business practices aren't much better either. They're following up up their last legal maneuver against a clothing… »4/14/08 6:40pm4/14/08 6:40pm

Question of the Day: Do You Use Expensive Cable or Generic Cable?

The debate between expensive cable and generic cable has raged on for ages now, with the manufacturers of high-end products receiving quite a bashing for their high prices. So, even with all of the negative press about expensive cable being a waste of money, we have to ask: Do you use expensive cable or generic cable? »3/25/08 8:15pm3/25/08 8:15pm

Monster Cable Founder Noel Lee Explains How He Got Started

In this exclusive GizVid, take a look at Monster Cable founder Noel Lee as he tells us the story of his beginnings. He studied finance and engineering, learned how electricity flows through wires, and then founded Monster, his company that sells expensive cables to unsuspecting consumers. He must have taken quite a… »11/14/07 11:10am11/14/07 11:10am