Monster's New Cables Finally Priced and Mystery "Box" Category Revealed

I was wrong. Monster's new low low pricing isn't in the $30 range, like I said earlier. The 500 series I mentioned actually starts at $50 for a 1-meter cable. But it seems Monster left its lowest price level of cable out of the midnight announcement: Simply labeled the "box" level, it starts at $40, the cheapest price… »8/28/07 11:43am8/28/07 11:43am


Monster Announces Cheaper "Speed-Rated" HDMI Cables

Monster Cable's Noel Lee is about to play his next card: His move is to stratify his assorted cable offerings into five distinct categories, starting in the $30 range. Each category will be designated by a "speed rating," and will deliver "demonstrable difference in high-def image quality." But as many of you know, … »8/28/07 12:01am8/28/07 12:01am