How to Get Your Free Cool Facebook Timeline Personal Cards Now

Good news for Facebook fans: now you can get a free set of cool color personal cards based on your timeline. They're giving 200,000 sets of 50 cards for free, so you've to hurry up. Here's how to get yours: » 1/06/12 9:59am 1/06/12 9:59am

1. Go to your Facebook Timeline. 2. Click on (it's just below your profile photo and basic personal…

A Lamp Named Moo, the Song Johnny Cash Should Have Sung

There are a few reasons why I find myself strangely attracted to Moo. It's made by a Norwegian company called Northern Exposure. You can mount on both inside and outside walls. It reminds me of my brother, whose nickname is Moose. Light-up antlers, baby (although the designers could have put a bit more light at the… » 6/25/08 6:50am 6/25/08 6:50am