Coway's Daan Air Purifier Freshens a Room While Freshening a Room

These Daan air purifiers from Coway are some of the best looking air purifiers we've ever seen. The ones we've had are like Danny Trejo: workmanlike in its ability to get the job done, but very very ugly. The Daans are the opposite of ugly, and can cover a 161 sq. ft. room with a single unit, or more if you stack a… »8/07/08 5:20pm8/07/08 5:20pm


Motorlight Variable Spread Uplight: Moodlighting for Lighting Perfectionists

The world's first variable-angle uplight is apparently what Motorlight from designer Jake Dyson represents. Twist the the wheel on the side, and you adjust the geometry inside the lamp so the beam it casts is a broad splash on your walls, or a neat spotlight. And it can cycle from one to the other automagically.… »7/28/08 5:52am7/28/08 5:52am

Yamaha's YST001 Home Theater Speakers Are Home Lighting Units Too

Yamaha has teamed up with lighting experts Koizumi to create these home theater speakers with built-in lighting. Each unit has three 25W halogen lamps that are remote control-dimmable down to 20% brightness, designed to reduce the contrast between your TV picture and the wall behind to "ease the burden on your eyes."… »6/12/08 3:44am6/12/08 3:44am

Torn Disguised Lighting Looks Like Slits into Parallel LED Universe

Designer Billy May has come up with his Torn Lighting concept as a discreet way of adding some light to your apartment. The installations conceal LED lights, and look like you've got some kind of weird space-time holes torn into your walls and leaking light into your room. Pretty neat, and a nice way of getting mood… »6/10/08 6:18am6/10/08 6:18am