First Image of Actual Moon Bombing Impact

Like Mark said, the much-anticipated Moon bombing fireworks have been a major letdown. The good news is that it happened: NASA has released the actual money shot, showing the impact flash. Just don't expect a Ron Jeremy G22-sized bang: » 10/09/09 5:42pm 10/09/09 5:42pm

How Did NASA Manage to Make a Moon Bombing Boring???

Really? This was it? Some choppy footage and few dudes high-fiving in what we're pretty sure to be a Kinko's? This is what it looks like when Man bombs the moon at 5,600mph?? » 10/09/09 9:07am 10/09/09 9:07am

Reminder: How to Watch the Moon Bombing In Real Time

In case you missed it, NASA is bombing the Moon tomorrow morning at 7:31AM Eastern/4:31AM Pacific. Here you have a simulation of the projectile's approach, which will cause a 30-mile high plume. Check out how to watch it here. » 10/08/09 6:53pm 10/08/09 6:53pm

How to Watch the Moon Bombing In Real Time

If you have nothing to do on Friday, October 9, at 7:31AM Eastern/4:31AM Pacific, reserve that spot for some serious space fireworks. At that time you can see how NASA bombs the Moon from orbit using this huge thing: » 10/08/09 12:15am 10/08/09 12:15am