The Suit Won't Save You: Four Ways Space Can Kill You Dead

Turns out, being blown out of an airlock and turning into a meat popsicle after succumbing to hypoxia isn't so bad. At least, not when compared to the multitude of other deadly maladies that await you in the depths of space. Here are just a few ways that interplanetary exploration is conspiring to kill us all. »2/26/13 5:20pm2/26/13 5:20pm

Moon Dust-DNA Watch Made From Actual Moon Dust and Parts From Apollo 11

Romain Jerome's Titanic DNA Watch »11/14/08 12:40pm11/14/08 12:40pm was such a success that the company has decided to take the concept to the moon (literally) with their new Moon Dust DNA watch. Like the Titanic version, the moon watch will feature actual artifacts. The face includes dust from a rock retrieved during our first mission to the moon,…

NASA to Build Giant Telescopes Made of Moon...on the Moon?

NASA researchers claim they've developed a way to create a concrete-like substance, necessary for the production of space telescopes, out of Moon dust. The compound mixes the aforementioned Moon dust with carbon tubes and epoxy to create a dish, which is then coated in aluminum. The researchers have built a 30cm dish… »6/04/08 9:18pm6/04/08 9:18pm