Scientist's Flying Plasmonic Lens Could Make Chips Ten Times Denser

Optical lithography »10/23/08 6:05am10/23/08 6:05am is the secret sauce in the fabbing technology that makes the chips inside your computer, and a clever bunch at the University of California, Berkeley have worked out a new adaptation of the tech to produce chips that could be ten times more detailed. It basically combines a hard-disk-alike spinning…

Moore's Law Revitalized by 12-Nanometer Chip-Fabbing Invention

A year ago we reported on Intel's nifty technique for 22nm »7/25/08 8:40am7/25/08 8:40am chip fabrication, which may extend the life of Moore's Law. Now MIT is reporting a new technique for optical lithography which should make 12nm chip manufacture possible, making for smaller, denser future chip tech.By combining laser interference technology…

Intel Chips 1971 to 2007, Plus a Timeline of the Transistor's 60 Years

As promised, here are stats for 20 different Intel chips from the past 35 years, most of which I included briefly in the Moore's Law video I made earlier, along with bonus factual tidbits I came across while looking over some Intel stuff today. Here you can enjoy it at your own pace (and without the music that some of… »12/10/07 7:00pm12/10/07 7:00pm