Mophie Powerstation Plus Is a Burly, Convenient Backup Battery

Mophie portable batteries are some of the best out there mostly because you can count on them to be reliable. The last thing you want is a cheap backup that fails you. The company's latest top-tier line packs integrated charge and sync cables into a slick design that might actually be worth the hefty price tag. » 11/19/14 12:00pm 11/19/14 12:00pm

Mophie's iPhone 5 Juice Pack Helium: Double Battery Life for Not Much More Heft

It may pain you to add girth to the iPhone 5's slender frame, but when a little more junk in your iPhone's trunk means double the battery life, it's hard to say no. The new Mophie Juice Pack Helium case promises to do just that and be about 13% lighter than the iPhone 4's Air version. » 2/05/13 12:55pm 2/05/13 12:55pm

We Would Not Have Survived CES Without This Gear

New gadgets take the spotlight at CES. And though we're occasionally blinded by the bright, shiny things, we know where our loyalties lie. Behind the barrage of posts and sprinting between booths, the real stars of the show are the tried and true bits of gear we're using behind the scenes. Particularly that from … » 1/11/13 3:10pm 1/11/13 3:10pm

Mophie iPhone 3G Battery Extender Available For Preorder, Shipping This Month

Mophie's wraparound battery extenders for the first iPhone provided some relief to incessant browsers and movie-watchers, and they're looking to adapt their "Juice Pack" to the even more anemic iPhone 3G. What does this pack offer that the others don't? A mini USB port for syncing and charging and Apple's coveted… » 10/15/08 7:59am 10/15/08 7:59am

Crowd-Source Design Site Kluster Launches Digg Competitor Called Knewsroom

What the hell does a product-design site like Kluster have in common with a community-filtered news service like Digg? They both use vibrant communities of enthusiastic—and perhaps overly opinionated—people to make decisions. Kluster, only in its infancy, decided to put its main design service on hold, and use its… » 5/15/08 6:20pm 5/15/08 6:20pm

External Battery Wraps Around Your iPhone and Delivers Extra Juice

The mStation mophie juice pack for the iPhone is an extended battery that fits around the outside of the device, adding some awkward bulk to it but also a generous extra 250 hours of standby time, 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback, and 24 hours of audio playback. It rejoices… » 12/03/07 1:45pm 12/03/07 1:45pm

Mophie Bevy is an iPod Shuffle Case, Bottle Opener

Either kids think of the darndest things, or there is a major alcoholism epidemic going on throughout our high schools. Back in January, at MacWorld, Mophie held an event and allowed the participants to doodle design ideas, and the best idea was actually manufactured. Seventeen-year-old Jared Fiovorich was the winner… » 5/07/07 7:00pm 5/07/07 7:00pm