Weird Combo of the Day: More Cowbell Hat With Purchase of Rock Band or Guitar Hero III

If there's one thing Canadians know how to do, it's party it up with either Rock Band or Guitar Hero III. Seen in this flyer by reader John, you get a free "More Cowbell" hat whenever you buy either of the two games. Walken, who made another appearance on SNL over the weekend (monologue was great, the rest was meh),… »4/07/08 8:45pm4/07/08 8:45pm

Beamz Synthesizer Uses Lasers as Strings, Has Plenty of Cowbell (Literally)

In the future we'll probably play music with our minds, but for now the Beamz Laser Music System uses a series of six lasers which you can break with your hands to play instruments like guitars, violin and (YES!) even a cowbell. There are also 30 preloaded songs and musical genres that can play alongside your flapping… »3/30/08 8:00pm3/30/08 8:00pm