The Pentagon's New Non-Lethal Mortars Seem Like a Very Good Idea

An estimated 174,000 civilians have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Who knows how many of these casualties could have been prevented if the United States and its allies were using deadly weapons, especially in dense urban areas. So it's great news that the Pentagon has developed a non-lethal mortar round. »12/11/14 5:52pm12/11/14 5:52pm


The U.S. Military's Mortar Launchers Are Getting a 21st Century Upgrade

Despite continued efforts to modernize and improve handheld mortars, like the 60-mm M224 carried by American soldiers, soldiers today still aim it as their forefathers did in WWII: by looking over the barrel at a fixed analog sight. But thanks to the Office of Naval Research's (ONR) rapid prototyping program, these… »11/12/13 2:43pm11/12/13 2:43pm

The Army's Smart New Mortars Could Actually Hit a Target

Mortars are an invaluable tool for infantry forces, but the problem is that they aren't exactly accurate, only half land within 136 meters of where they're aimed. That sort of success rate just won't do in Afghanistan, where minimizing collateral damage is an imperative. That's why ATK built a mortar with pinpoint… »7/30/12 11:30am7/30/12 11:30am

Israel's Iron Dome Intercepts Incoming Rocket Threats

Given Israel's rather, ahem, tumultuous relationship with its neighbors, it has certain unique security needs—like a solid air defense from short range rockets and mortars fired over the Gaza border. That's why, to defend its civilian centers, Israel has recently deployed an anti-ordnance system known as the Iron Dome. »6/04/12 2:00pm6/04/12 2:00pm