A Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case That Lets You Answer Calls While Closed

A flip-style case will protect all the parts of your expensive smartphone—from the housing to the display—but at the cost of making you a little slower on the draw when it comes to answering a call. So to solve this 'problem' Moshi has created the SenseCover case which features a touch-sensitive strip on the outside… »1/28/14 11:00am1/28/14 11:00am

Moshi Alarm Clock Will Only Shut Off If You Ask It Nicely

The Moshi IVR clock is one of those rare, heartwarming products that serves two marginalized demographics: the blind and the chronically rude. For blind folks the benefit is obvious, as all of the clock's major functions are controlled with simple verbal commands. This includes alarm deactivation, but not necessarily… »11/12/08 5:23am11/12/08 5:23am

Moshi Celesta Laptop-Style Stylish Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Great if You Like Laptops)

The Moshi Celesta keyboard has two things going for it. One, it looks very nice with its blue LEDs and "diamond-cut" aluminum frame. Two, it has laptop-styled keys to make typing quieter and faster. Yes, we know some of you like to type at 90db with your click-clacking IBM keyboards, but not everyone does. »5/29/07 7:00pm5/29/07 7:00pm