The Mossberg Just-In-Case Kit Is Your All-In-One SNAFU Solution

Zombie-pocalypse? Psh, f*cking bring it. This Mossberg Just-In-Case kit includes a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 Pump-Action, resealable storage bag, waterproof carrying tube, as well as a "Survival Kit in a Can," multi-tool and serrated knife. Don't forget to bring your own shells—and lots of them—there are seven billion… » 11/29/11 12:40am 11/29/11 12:40am

Dean Kamen's Full Bionic Luke Arm Video from All Things D

Click to view » 9/12/08 6:37am 9/12/08 6:37amWe showed you some of the video from Dean Kamen's appearance at the All Things D: D6 conference back in and it included some demos of the amazing Luke Arm prosthetic limb. Now All Things D has made the three-part entire interview available, and it includes detailed explanations from Kamen about why he…

Walt Mossberg Joins Fox Business, Shows Off His iPhone 3G

WSJ tech guru and new Fox Business channel talking head Walt Mossberg was on TV this morning talking about the new iPhone 3G, waving it around just to reiterate that he has one and all of us do not. He doesn't give us any new info on the device, but you do get to see the nerd king of gadget mountain holding your… » 7/09/08 12:18pm 7/09/08 12:18pm

Walt Mossberg Reviews GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi (Verdict: Fast, But Not Fast…

Walt just tested GoGo, the in-flight Wi-Fi service, on a bunch of laptops and smartphones during a flight from San Francisco to Denver. The service distributes, via Wi-Fi, a high speed cellphone data signal pointed at airplanes, which Mossy rated at around 600kbps down and 250kbps up. This was quick enough for Walt to… » 6/19/08 11:18am 6/19/08 11:18am