The Mossberg Just-In-Case Kit Is Your All-In-One SNAFU Solution

Zombie-pocalypse? Psh, f*cking bring it. This Mossberg Just-In-Case kit includes a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 Pump-Action, resealable storage bag, waterproof carrying tube, as well as a "Survival Kit in a Can," multi-tool and serrated knife. Don't forget to bring your own shells—and lots of them—there are seven billion… »11/29/11 12:40am11/29/11 12:40am


Walt Mossberg Reviews GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi (Verdict: Fast, But Not Fast Enough)

Walt just tested GoGo, the in-flight Wi-Fi service, on a bunch of laptops and smartphones during a flight from San Francisco to Denver. The service distributes, via Wi-Fi, a high speed cellphone data signal pointed at airplanes, which Mossy rated at around 600kbps down and 250kbps up. This was quick enough for Walt to… »6/19/08 11:18am6/19/08 11:18am