Most Beautiful Items: November 29 - December 6, 2013

There is some truly incredible stuff in this round of the most beautiful items of the week. Yayoi Kusama's infinity rooms? You'll be dying to check them out. Museums that are actually made of gingerbread? You're mouth will be watering over them. Besides those, there are plenty of other wonders of art architecture and… » 12/06/13 8:00pm 12/06/13 8:00pm

Most Beautiful Items: September 27 - October 4, 2013

Need some beautiful things to gaze upon at the end of a long week? How about photos of the restoration of an 138-year-old Brooklyn bank? Or a lighting pavilion that looks like it's alive? Or a massive Lego calendar that syncs with your smartphone? These things and more wonders from the worlds of design, art, and… » 10/04/13 8:00pm 10/04/13 8:00pm

Most Beautiful Items: September 1 - 6, 2013

With the unveiling of Samsung's first smartwatch and the storm of controversy over a car-melting skyscraper, it was an eventful week for design—and it was rife with beautiful images. As you're waiting to make a graceful exit from work, check out some of the most compelling imagery from this shorter-than-most week. » 9/06/13 7:00pm 9/06/13 7:00pm