Motherboard Walls Add That Special Something To Your Next Remodeling…

These are the walls of a Human-Computer Interaction Institute lab at Carnegie Mellon, and as you can see, they provide plenty of opportunities to create such interactions on the fly when you snag your sweater on some spiky solder leads or that ZIF socket handle. Chris Harrison, a PhD student, bought old motherboards… » 8/13/08 9:30am 8/13/08 9:30am

VIA's Tiny Pico-ITX Motherboards Get Even Smaller

The Pico-ITX motherboards were already small, but they are getting another downgrade in size thanks to the EPIA PX5000EG—a 500MHz board that can be cooled without the bulky fan—which helps bring the form factor down to a minuscule 3.9" x 2.8." As you might have guessed, the drop in processor speed from 1GHz means that… » 5/14/08 2:46pm 5/14/08 2:46pm