Apple Defends New Spaceship Headquarters with This Predictably…

Remember the giant spaceship campus Apple's building in Cupertino? The people who live in the neighborhood where Apple's mothership is landing definitely do. So Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer sent out a packet to neighborhood residents pumping up the virtues of the new campus—in a decidedly Apple way. » 5/21/12 8:27am 5/21/12 8:27am

You're Not Truly Rich Until You Have Your Own Mothership

This is absolutely insane. Apparently, there are people so rich that, not happy with having their own megayacht, get themselves a huge support ship to carry giant speedboats, sailboats, helicopters, and even submarines. That's what the Sea Axe is. » 3/31/10 10:00am 3/31/10 10:00am

Cool Time Lapse Video of Atlantis Getting Mounted On Its 747 Mothership

We have seen the shuttle on an spectacular shot on top of its 747 mothership and a video of their almost impossible take off, but we have never seen a time lapse video on how everything gets ready. » 7/02/09 6:05am 7/02/09 6:05am

Fatman's Mothership - The $9897 Tube Amp

Moving just slightly up from their iTube iPod dock, Fatman's just birthed this Mothership tube amp. The £5000 ($9897) amp has 200 watts per channel, vacuum tube preamps, and other crazy stuff that most of us will never need. Oh, and they recommend that you don't use the 128kbps music you download from iTunes as a source … » 8/20/07 1:15pm 8/20/07 1:15pm