9 Unexpectedly Cool Leap Motion Apps Show Natural Interfaces in Action

It's been two weeks since Leap Motion appeared in the wild, and while it's far from being a perfect piece of hardware, the possibilities are pretty damn interesting. So far, most of the attention-getting apps have dealt with music. But there are plenty of other cool developments happening with the device, too. »8/05/13 9:03am8/05/13 9:03am

Scientists Can Use Kinect To Pick Up Microscopic Balls with Laser Tweezers

While gamers are off writhing in front of Kinects to control virtual objects on the screens in front of them, scientists are using the same tech for almost the same thing. They're also flailing in front of sensors, but it's not Dance Central 3; they're manipulating real-life microscopic objects with a set of laser… »11/05/12 12:40pm11/05/12 12:40pm

Air Purifier Works Without Your Filthy Hands Touching It

Are you aware of the bacteria on the things you touch daily? Dials and switches are crawling with germs. Turn a dial on an air purifier to clean the air you breathe, and you potentially infect yourself. That's why this steel-and-glass beauty features a motion-sensitive control. Control its speed with a wave of the hand »3/15/12 12:20pm3/15/12 12:20pm