Mental Math: The PlayStation Move Experience Is Going to Be Expensive

Sony barely mentioned pricing with their PlayStation Move motion controller, only noting that the combo pricing with PlayStation Eye and a game will cost less than $100. But by our back-of-the-envelope calculations, the experience is going to be really expensive. » 3/11/10 5:28pm 3/11/10 5:28pm

THQ CEO's Slip Up Suggests PS3 Motion Controller Will Be Called "Arc"

We've heard rumors that Sony's PS3 motion controller would be called Arc. Now we've got Brian Farrell, President and CEO of game developer THQ, referring to device by the same name. It's not conclusive, but it's certainly more evidence. [Kotaku] » 2/03/10 7:45pm 2/03/10 7:45pm

Rumor: Sony to Call its Motion Controller Arc?

Sony's hard at work on its new motion controller for the PS3, and a new report claims that it'll be called Arc. Arc vs Natal! Get excited! [VG247 via Electronista] » 1/19/10 11:04am 1/19/10 11:04am

PlayStation 3 Motion Controller Slated for March, Dreamcast Titles…

According to a legit-looking leaked document leaked from Sega, Sony is planning on launching their PS3 motion controller this March in Japan with the US release coming sometime in spring. From the document: » 9/22/09 9:07am 9/22/09 9:07am

Even More PS3 Motion Controller Details Coming On July 14th

Next month, Sony will give us one more morsel (or maybe two! or three!) of information about the PS3 motion controller, announced at E3. This'll be the third such motion controller info-dribble since the initial announcement, though this one, to be delivered by the company's head of developer services at the Develop… » 6/25/09 7:57am 6/25/09 7:57am

Sony: Dual Shock Still Defacto, Motion Control Secondary

We saw Sony's impressive motion control demo. You may call it a gimmick, and even Sony admits that it's not the primary direction of the PlayStation 3. The Dual Shock will still reign as king. » 6/04/09 4:00pm 6/04/09 4:00pm

Microsoft Just Gives Up, Files for Patent on 'Magic Wand'

Microsoft, by the hand of J Allard, the guy in charge of the Entertainment and Devices (Xbox and Zune) Division, has filed for patent protection for a "Magic Wand". What? Oh, it's a Wiimote. » 5/18/09 4:32am 5/18/09 4:32am