Sony Ericsson F305 Has Wiimote-Like Motion Gaming, May Be PSP Phone?

This leaked Sony Ericsson's F305 phone is notable for a couple reasons. One, it's their first motion gaming phone under the F-line (there've been one or two here and there for various other phones), which makes us and The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog think that it the series stands for "Fun". Two, it's got… »6/15/08 10:59am6/15/08 10:59am

Xbox 360's Wiimote Accessory Is Already In Development, Coming This Generation

Microsoft's been working on a Wiimote-esque controller due to come out late this year—development started on it all the way back in Summer '07—but the whole process has been "a colossal clusterfuck." Here's what MTV news knows courtesy of their exclusive source, who sketched out what it looks like above. »4/07/08 4:20pm4/07/08 4:20pm

Bestilt 360: Motion Sensing for Xbox 360 Now Ready to Rock, Roll, Pitch and Yaw

Remember the Xilt, the hack to Wiimotize your Xbox 360 controller? Well, this is not it. At least, it seems that while Xilt 360 is still coming soon, Total Console has released the Bestilt 360. Same concept: "simply" solder it to the bottom part of your Xbox 360 pad, activate it with a switch and have fun awkwardly… »5/10/07 5:38am5/10/07 5:38am