Wii MotionPlus Technology Is Not Exclusive To Nintendo, So Expect Similar Controllers Soon

Invensense, one of the two companies that sold their technology to Nintendo for their Wii MotionPlus »8/08/08 1:14pm8/08/08 1:14pm Wiimote add-on, has just announced that they're NOT exclusive to Nintendo and are fielding offers from other companies. One person with the company says, "I can't get into details about other folks that are interested…

Nintendo Wants To Make Wii MotionPlus As Cheap As Possible

Nintendo's President Iwata, the man who wants US customers to believe that there will be a Wii shortage this Christmas not caused by Nintendo themselves, has just said that they want the Wii MotionPlus to be as cheap as possible because it doesn't cost too much to manufacture. How cheap? They're not sure yet. We did… »8/04/08 12:20pm8/04/08 12:20pm